Results, Accountability, and the Demise of Vanity Metrics

After receiving a record number of proposal submissions from potential presenters, DMA West, a regional membership organization comprised of more than 145 DMOs, chose DVA to serve as a featured presenter at their 2019 Tech Summit. Their annual Tech Summit, held March 20-22 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, focuses on digital and technology strategies for destination marketers and is one of their most widely attended events of the year.

“Results, Accountability, and the Demise of Vanity Metrics” was the topic of DVA senior digital strategist Will Gryna’s presentation. As clients search for new and better ways to monetize results and metrics, and demonstrate real ROI to members and stakeholders, traditional “vanity” metrics such as site traffic continue to decline in importance. 

Gryna touched on a number of topics relevant to metrics and reporting, including:

  1. Unique tracking challenges DMOs face
  2. The cost of incomplete tracking
  3. What complete tracking looks like
  4. Business outcomes of complete tracking
  5. Capturing best audiences
  6. Reporting on the most meaningful KPIs

You can view the full presentation here.

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