Leading outdoor industry outfitter C.C. Filson hires DVA for brand work

Seattle-based outfitter C.C. Filson, which has been manufacturing “Unfailing Goods” for men and women who work and play outdoors since 1897, has hired DVA to research, write, and design a new signature brand book.

The “Filson Operation Manual” as it is being called is equal parts brand book, company anthology, and an encyclopedia that attempts to capture and distill more than 120 years of heritage and history into a single, purposeful piece.

DVA was hired in large part due to its strategic branding expertise, storytelling capabilities, and intimate knowledge of the Filson lifestyle.

“While Filson’s reputation soared during the earliest days of the Klondike Gold Rush, and flourished in the heyday of Pacific Northwest logging, it’s roots run much deeper than that,” said DVA creative director Gary Fulkerson. “Today, those earliest seeds have been sown into a globally recognized brand that remains true to its heritage and commitment to quality, honesty, and customer service.”

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