In 1897, Clinton C. Filson’s fledgling company faced the challenge of outfitting Alaska-bound prospectors with workwear to protect them from abrupt whiteouts, frigid temperatures, and exhausting physical demands. These were hard working souls whose tremendous grit was no match for the inhumane conditions. In short, the Klondike stampeders depended on Filson to keep them alive. As Filson expanded to outfit loggers and other outdoor workers a motto emerged, “Might as Well Have the Best.” Today this obligation to produce “Unfailing Goods” tackles the same territory.


DVA was hired to build a brand guide that translates the rich history of Filson while simultaneously setting forth the guidelines for the brand’s direction going forward. This brand guide serves as a filter, a compass, and source of inspiration. The project’s intent was to ensure the brand is aligned in delivering against these standards in all of their individual efforts.


Through our research and creative exploration, it became apparent to us that Filson fans are beyond loyal, but after posting sneak peeks of the Filson Operation Manual, we received multiple inquiries from our social  followers asking how they could purchase the book, which was never intended to be for sale.