As the 33rd largest craft beer brewer in the United States, Ninkasi Brewing Company has enjoyed a decade of success. However, sales were starting to slump as new breweries flood the market and consumer tastes evolve. To appeal to a wider audience, they expanded their product offering with new, more approachable beers in cans (a first for the company). DVA was hired to perform consumer research and develop a strategic plan and creative campaign for successfully launching these new styles to millennials across 12 states and two provinces in preparation to them hitting store shelves in January 2018. Deliverables included traditional, digital and social elements, to in-store, in-bar and distributor communications.

As a result of the campaign, sales increased in markets coinciding with the campaign tactics, and Ninkasi was on consumer’s minds – 97.6% of all site traffic in March came through organic search or directly to the website, resulting in 25.4% improvement year over year.